Sky Team Virtual

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The individual can learn and practice basic and advanced piloting skills using commercial flight simulation software.

The individual can access information and tools so as to make their flight simulation experience more realistic and rewarding.

The individual can have their progress tracked with respect to flight hours and rank.

The individual can feel as part of a family of like minded enthusiasts.

A little History

SkyTeam is an airline alliance.

Founded in June 2000, SkyTeam was the last of the three major airline alliances to be formed, the first two being Star Alliance and Oneworld.

As of March 2014, SkyTeam consists of 20 carriers from five continents and operates with the slogan "Caring more about you".

As of March 2014, SkyTeam flies to more than 1,000 destinations in 178 countries and operates some 15,700 daily flights with a combined fleet of over 4,400 aircraft, including associate carriers. The alliance and its members have a total workforce of 459,781; furthermore, it has 564 lounges worldwide to serve 588 million annual passengers.

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